"To say that Rebecca goes above and beyond is a major understatement. Not only is she passionate about every task assigned, (big or small!) but she takes the initiative to bring forward new and captivating ideas. She often assists in tasks that are unexpected of her and always has a positive, professional demeanor.  You can pinpoint the exact moment that Rebecca took on the role of digital marketing manager for our organization. Our digital foot print has grown, and we have metrics that translate largely to her dedicated work. We are so grateful to have contracted Rebecca’s services, we couldn’t be more pleased with her efforts."

- Skylar Gorman

Executive Director

Stuart Air Show

"Rebecca is such a breath of fresh air to work with.  She is very professional, creative, dedicated and most of all sweet as pie!  I have worked with Rebecca for a few years now with the Stuart Airshow and her work speaks for itself.  She takes pride in her work and it really shows.  She has grown our followers by leaps and bounds, has been instrumental in our marketing goals and plans and never misses a beat in our crazy airshow event world."

- Amy Bottegal

President Board of Directors

Stuart Air Show

"We have been working with Rebecca since we started our company in 2017. She has maintained our social media, creating a professional and beautiful public image of our business. She is always available to help with our marketing needs - including Give Miami Day in 2019, where solely through social media we were able to raise over $11,000 in one day .We always get compliments on our social media from our audience members and we are so thankful for all that she does for us. We are grateful every day that she is along for the ride with us as we grow our company."

- Jennifer Kronenberg and Carlos Guerra

Artistic Directors

Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami

"Rebecca is amazing to work with. Thoroughly detail oriented, knowledgeable, creative, caring and focused. I would highly recommend her services for any small business owner looking to increase marketing efforts and/or website development. She talked me through some technical details with grace and charm, empowering me to expand my expectations. Wonderful work which has renewed my faith in my businesses. A sincere and heartfelt thank you."

- Martin Percival

"Rebecca King Ferraro is amazing! Rebecca has been managing the Social Media channels for the Stuart Air Show since 2018.  Rebecca jumped right in, researched our industry and makes great recommendations. Rebecca makes us feel like we are her only client. She has a sense of urgency and responds quickly to all inquiries. Rebecca leverages her strengths to make OUR brand stronger. She is excited and passionate about everything she does and is a pleasure to work with. Rebecca is an integral part of our team and asset to our organization!"

- Susan Cunnane

Former Director of the Stuart Air Show


"I had the great pleasure of working with Rebecca on creating our business website.  Rebecca is a true professional in every sense of the word.  She knows her craft and was accessible whenever I needed her assistance.  She did a superb job and almost at completion we decided to  surprise her and make some radical changes to our business platform.  Rebecca was so cooperative and patient with the process.  We basically had to start over because we decided to concentrate on one specific area of our business.  This required Rebecca to completely revamp our website, at an additional cost that we were happy to agree to of course.  She worked with us to recreate a new website that we are extremely proud of.  I still work with Rebecca when we feel the need to tweak or change things up on our website.  She is always receptive to our needs!"

- Deborah Rieback